Let’s talk about a Walkabout…
A modern-day walkabout. My walkabout.

Woman on the road
Dusty roads, messy paths, bendy and curvy
No straight lines in nature
No straight lines to find what
appears lost
is always here

~~~ Travel with purpose  ~~~ Raise consciousness ~~~ Live//Learn//Teach//Inspire ~~~ Lend a helping hand, a listening ear, an open mind, a loving heart ~~~ Connect ~~~ Set your gypsy soul on fire ~~~

A Modern-day Walkabout
~~~Travel the outer world, journey within~~~

~~~Travel the outer world, journey within~~~One and one

Latest post — 1 + 1 = 1

She looked so little draped over her mother’s arm, but her aura was big and captivating
Just like those eyes of hers
Big, blue and captivating

Eyes that didn’t let go of me as they scanned every inch and corner of my face
So busy she was, taking in the world,
taking in my world,
an abrupt example,
instantaneously becoming hers

Did I really want to give her all I just sent out
unknowingly, unexpectedly, obliviously?

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~~~Walkabout thoughts & adventures in a nutshell~~~

bali-beachLatest post— Drama Dharma

Outside it’s rainy, inside a storm roars. All appears grey and hostile, but I know this water, this thunder, this lightning is what makes life grow.

Without rain no lush green, no fruits, no tropical forest, no diversity, no you, no me. Without storm no confrontation, no shock or tipping point, no insights, no consciousness, no growth.

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~~~Inspiration from & for the soul~~~no more war games

This morning I rose to the sounds of the jungle and the early, humid heat that characterizes any country around the equator while you, undoubtedly, woke up to the smell of one of (too) many coffees and the ceaseless vibrating of a Smartphone that never goes to sleep. Another, regular morning.

Relatively faraway, while we were still asleep or already running through our morning routines, another regular morning for another, regular human being started. Raging air force planes racing only a few meters above the roofs – take this description of what once was a house with a grain of salt, please – a “modern-day” alternative for an alarm clock. The sound of cracking, spitting bomb shells, a substitute for a wake up call. The noise of firing guns, the day wouldn’t be the same without them.

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